This guide will be covering the clipping feature. At any time you feel you need more assistance or have questions, please reach out to us in the help center in the DLive discord server or DM a DLive Guardian directly.

Create & Edit Clips on Web

While you are watching a stream you can mouse over the video player. On the bottom right you will notice 4 icons. The second one is the clip icon. Clicking this icon will capture the previous 60 seconds.

This will bring you to the clip editing page. On this page, you will see several things.
Timer Slide Bar - This sliding bar can be used to select the start time of the clip (The Left Slider), and the end time (The Right Slider).
Description Box - Here you can title the clip or make comments on what is happening.
Send to chat - Leaving the box checked will send the clip to chat when you are done editing.
After you are happy with the clip just click publish. This will publish the clip to the channel and people will be able to see it if you choose to send it to the chat. All clips will be kept for 30 days.

Create & Edit Clips on Mobile

While watching a stream on your mobile device you can access the clipping menu from the bottom right.

On the clipping page, you will have two options. “Preview and Edit” and “Publish”. If you are happy with the clip, click publish. If you want to edit, click “Preview and Edit” From this screen, you will have a sliding bar just like on the web. Slide these markers on the bar to change the clip length to where you want.

Next, you will have the option to add text and stickers. The options for these are on the bottom left. You will have the option to use stickers from your personal library, the channel's library if they are Verified Partners or global stickers.

When you are done click next. This will bring you to the description page. Describe your clip or enter a title for the clip here. Remember to select if you want the clip sent to chat. You can do this by checking the box next to “Send my clip to chatroom”. When you are finished hit the publish button.

Clip Highlight and Management

Your clips and clips you take of others will show up in your Clip Management section. You can get to this by clicking on your profile picture at the top right and selecting it.

Under Clip Management you will be able to select a highlight. This will save the clip under “Highlights” on your main channel page. Highlights will also be shown to your fans on mobile. These clips will never expire. You can do this by clicking the little star icon on the bottom right.

If you want to delete a clip from your channel click the 3 dots at the top right, and click delete.

You can also share the clips by copying the link. Sharing links of your highlights is a great way to show outside audiences why your streams are awesome on DLive.

Please be aware that you have 4 mins to edit your clip and post it. After this time the video will become outdated and you will no longer be able to use it.

How many highlights can I add to my channel everyday?

Non-Partnered streamers can save 3 highlights per day
Affiliated streamers can save 5 highlights per day
Partnered streamers can save 10 highlights per day

Highlights will always be on your channel and it will never expire.

Upload your Highlights

Have a video downloaded that has an amazing highlight? Did you edit some "Best of Moments" from your channel? You can upload them now from your clip management section.

Make sure the video is between 5-60s
Maximum of 200 MB
Supports MP4

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