You can request payment with the Lemon that you have earned. We start payouts bi-weekly (every other week) on Tuesday. This will start on Tuesday, May 7th. This allows ample time for purchases and disputes to be settled. The smallest amount for payment will be 4,250 Lemons ($51 USD). This amount is to meet bank requirements. Payout requests must be submitted by 5 PM Pacific Time the Friday before the payments are initiated. It can take up to 7 business days for funds to arrive in your account, depending on your region and bank.

How to Get Paid

Click your profile picture in the top right of DLive.
Click on the Get Paid option on the list.

Complete Email Verification
Upload Government ID to Verify your identity

Uploading Government ID

Click Upload in the Upload Government ID section
Click the Start button

Select the Government ID you wish to use to verify your identity

Select whether you wish to Take Photo or Upload File of your identification

Complete the ID Verification process

Getting Paid

Click Create Payment Request.
Click Add new address.
Select your billing country and Cashout Method.

Enter your Bank Information and Click Save

Enter the amount of Lemon you wish to cash out. Click Next and Complete the process.

Please make sure you provide the correct information. Wrong information will cause your payment to be delayed.

Request Payment by Bitcoin (BTC)

To request payment via Bitcoin, please select the BTC option, enter your Bitcoin wallet address and press Request Payment. (This option is not available to residents in the United States)

Request Payment by Tipalti

To request payment via Tipalti. please select the Tipalti option, then follow the on-screen prompts.

Once you have selected Tipalti as the option and clicked next you will have to fill out some basic information the first time you use it. When you have completed this click "Next"

Next you will select the type of payment you want. Your options are PayPal, Wire Transfer and Direct Deposit / ACH. We will use PayPal for the guide purpose.

The next part will be different depending on what country you are in. For the guide, we are going to use the USA. You will need to fill out a W-9 for tax purposes. Take your time and fill this information correctly.

Once you are done you will have this screen

Now from the main menu, you will see the option that you have entered. This will allow you to continue the payment process as normal

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