You need a Lino Account to use this feature. To set up a Lino account, please visit the Setting Up Your Lino Blockchain Account From DLive article.

You can request a payment with the LINO Points that you have earned. Payment dates are bi-weekly (every other week) on Tuesday. Your request must be submitted by 5pm Pacific Time / 8pm Eastern Time the Friday before the payments are initiated. The payments are done based on Pacific Daylight Time, which could result in day differences depending on your location.

Adding your Bank Account to your Lino Account
Log into your Lino account.
Click your username in the top right
Click the Add Bank Account button

Enter the Contact Information

When your Country/Region has been filled in, the Bank Information must be filled in

The Bank Information will vary from Country to Country, so do not worry if this information is different to what you are seeing.

Click the Confirm button and that is your bank account added

Please make sure you provide the correct information. Wrong information will cause your payment to be delayed.

How to Get Paid

Log into your Lino account.
Click on the Get Paid tab.
Enter in the amount of points you would like to cash out. The minimum amount is 4250 LINO Points.
Click Request Payment.

Request Payment by Bitcoin (BTC)

To request a payment via Bitcoin, please select the BTC option, enter your Bitcoin wallet address and press Request Payment.

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