You need a Lino Account to use this feature. To set up a Lino account, please visit the Setting Up Your Lino Blockchain Account From DLive article.

What is LINO Stake?

Different from LINO, LINO Stake is designed for long-term supporters of the Lino network. LINO Stake holders can participate in various activities, including acting as a content creator, developer, infrastructure provider, vote on governance proposals, etc. LINO Stake are LINO that have been secured through your Lino account and earn rewards for your contributions base on the consumption of all content for the previous day.

Where does the LINO Stake Reward come from?

When a gift is sent through DLive, 9.9% of that gift is taken out by the blockchain and distributed to users with LINO Stake. The reward amount is based calculated by:

(Your LINO Stake) / (Total LINO Stake) x 9.9% of all gift & subscriptions transactions for the previous day.

How do I get LINO Stake?

Log into your Lino account.
Click on the Lock Points tab.
Enter in the amount of points you would like to lock. The minimum amount is 1 LINO Stake.
Click Confirm.

How do I redeem LINO Stake rewards?

Log into your Lino account.
Click redeem now! within the yellow notification window.
Answer the voting question and click Submit.
Click OK.

How do I Unlock Points?

Log into your Lino account.
Click on the Unlock Points tab.
Enter in the amount of points you would like to unlock.
Click Confirm.

Note: It takes 12 weeks to unlock LINO Stake completely, during which 1/12 LINO Stake will be converted to LINO each week.

Why does it take 12 weeks to unlock LINO Stake?

LINO Points can be staked-in instantly at any time, however, it will take 12 weeks to stake-out LINO Stake to LINO completely. This mechanism is designed to better align LINO Stake holders with the long-term interest of the network. You can read more about the LINO Stake system here
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