Are you interested in becoming a partner at We are honored that you would take the time to consider it. In this article, you will find an overview of the basic requirements and differences between the partner programs offered.

Regardless of the partnership level, we do expect:
Content creators who are interested in growing their channel on DLive.
Content creators who actively promote DLive and contribute to the growth of DLive.
Active members of the community on Discord.
Community members who are good role models for our new and existing users.
Participate or help promote events, campaigns, and programs hosted by DLive.

Besides the requirements listed above, we also expect you to have certain stream history on DLive. For example:
Minimum 1 month
Minimum 15 streams

You can apply without this requirement but meeting them will increase your chance to get approval.

Last Update: 12th June 2019

Partnership Requirements


Partnership Features
For the most up to date requirements and for all Partner Program Benefits, please visit here

Applying for Partnership
If you meet the minimum requirements to become a Verified Partner:

English (non-Turkish) Applications: here
Turkish Applications: here

If you are already a Verified Partner and would like to apply for Global Partner:

English (non-Turkish) Applications: here
Turkish Applications: here

Partnership Guidelines

We expect all DLive Partners to be representatives of DLive and therefore must abide by our Community Guidelines which can be seen over at :

If you do not adhere to the DLive Community Guidelines, we may issue a strike on your account for each violation. If you incur 3 strikes on your account, you will be removed from the DLive Partnership program.

If your partnership is revoked, you may be eligible to re-apply in 3 months.

If you wish to terminate your partnership, please raise a support ticket.

Please note: Any active subscriptions will not be renewed and DLive will provide no refunds to your subscribers.
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