How to upload Stickers to your Channel Library

Only Verified Partners and Global Partners can add/upload stickers to their channel library. You can add stickers to your channel library by first clicking on the smiley icon in your chat room then clicking the + icon.

Owners and moderators can add new stickers to the channel library

Sticker Requirements

150px x 150px
Under 5mb in Size
All stickers must adhere to our community guidelines
Please DO NOT add/upload the default gifting animation on DLive as the sticker.

Any images larger than the dimensions above will be resized to 150x150.
A maximum of 20 stickers can be uploaded to your channel library.

How to add stickers your Favorite Library

To add a sticker to your personal Favorite Library, click the sticker in the chatroom and select Add to Favorite Library.

You can have a maximum of 20 favorite stickers in your Favorite Library.

Currently, uploading your own stickers to Favorite Library is not open to the public.

How to use Stickers

To use a sticker, please click the smiley face in the chat box - then click the sticker you would like to send to the chat room.

How to Remove Stickers

To a remove a sticker from your channel / favorite library, open your stickers by clicking the smiley face. Hover over the sticker you wish to remove and click the cross icon.

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