Gifting is a fantastic way to show your support. Gifting requires your account to have a balance of LINO Points. To get LINO Points click, here.

During the LINO blockchain testnet, 1 LINO Points = $0.012USD.

The gift amounts in LINO Points and USD are:

How Do I Gift?

Navigate to your favorite live stream.
Underneath the video player there are 5 gifts displayed.
Click on the gift you wish to send.
If the gift you wish to send is a Diamond, Ninjaghini or Ninjet, you can enter a gift message to send in chat or you can choose to send without message.

There is no confirmation on the Lemon and Ice Cream gifts. There is a confirmation on the Diamond, Ninjaghini and Ninjet gifts due to the gift message prompt.

Upon completion an animation (if enabled) will show up in the video player and the gift will be mentioned in the live stream chat.

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