What are Paid Subscriptions?

Paid Subscriptions are a great way to allow your Fanbase to show their appreciation for you. The Paid Subscription costs 298 Lemon/month. Same as donations, DLive takes 0% cuts from your subscriptions. 90.1% of your subscription earnings directly goes to you, and the rest 9.9% goes to Locked Points rewards. It is up to you to come up with subscription perks for your subscribers.

How do I setup Paid Subscriptions?

Click the camera icon on the upper-right hand corner of DLive.tv
Click Subscription Setting.
Enter your Badge Text.

This text is displayed in your live stream chat beside the names of your subscribers.
Select Badge Text Color.
Select Badge Background Color.
Select 3-Month Sub Streak Text Color
This changes the user text color when they have subscribed for 3 months+
Click Save.

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