Before reading this article, please be sure to check out the Create An Account On DLive article, if you have not done so already.

Once you have created your DLive account, you will need to set up your Lino Account.
You can do this through DLive. To set up your Lino Account through DLive, you must follow these steps;
Click your Profile Picture in the top right corner of DLive
Then click Lino Account

You will then see an options box, and you must do the following;
Select your Country Code
Enter your phone number, without the 0 at the beginning
Then click the Send Code button
Enter the code that was sent to your phone
Click the Go To Lino Account button

Once you have clicked Go To Lino Account button, you will;
Set your Lino Account details.
Continue to your Lino Account

You have now set up your Lino account. You can access your Lino account whenever you need to by clicking the Lino Account in the dropdown menu on DLive or by visiting
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