The DLive treasure chest is one of the features that rewards the community for supporting content creators. The more you engage with a streamer through chatting and donations, the faster the treasure accumulates LINO Points. Once the chest accumulates more than five LINO Points, the streamer is able to distribute the accumulated chest rewards to the community. The treasure chest also allows the streamer to add in their own points to the chest in addition to the accumulated points to increase the amount they can give back to their community allowing both the platform and the streamer to support their community and channel!

How does the treasure chest accumulate LINO Points?

Each channel has its own treasure chest. Treasure chest accumulates LINO Points based on engagement in that channel during the stream.
For Verified Partners and Global Partners, their treasure chest accumulates LINO Points faster by 50% and 100% respectively.
Besides rewards added by the engagement algorithm, streamers can also add as many LINO Points as they want to the treasure chest.

Distributing chest rewards as a streamer

How do I distribute LINO Points from my channel's treasure chest?

Once the treasure chest has more than 5 LINO Points, the streamer can distribute chest rewards to viewers.

Click on the Treasure Chest
Click the Distribute Rewards button

Can I add LINO Points to my channel's treasure chest?

Yes, streamers can add LINO Points as they want to the treasure chest as additional incentives for viewers to engage.

Click on the Treasure Chest
Select the amount of LINO Points you wish to add to the chest

Can I distribute my chest rewards from mobile?

Yes, creators can open the treasure chest in DLive mobile apps. However, creators can only add LINO points utilizing DLive on web.

Is there a maximum number of LINO Points for me to add to my channel’s treasure chest?

For each channel, a maximum cap of 10,000 LINO Points can be added to the chest weekly. The cap will only reset every Sunday 0:00 UTC. Upon a special request, a channel can ask to increase the weekly limit (birthdays, anniversaries, channel disconnects, etc.). Contact a team member for any treasure chest limit inquiries.

What will happen if the chest is not distributed before the channel goes offline?

Any LP that was loaded into the chest will return to the channel’s wallet
LP that was accumulated via engagement must be distributed by creators to their viewers within 7 days, or they will expire

What will happen if no viewers claim the chest during an opening?

Any LP that was loaded into the chest will return to the channel’s wallet
LP that was accumulated via engagement will return to the system

Claiming chest rewards as a viewer

How do I claim the rewards from the treasure chest?

You must be a follower to claim the chest. Once the streamer whom you are watching opens the treasure chest, you will receive a popup confirmation. You must claim your reward within 30 seconds of the streamer opening the chest.

Click on the Treasure Chest
Click the Claim Rewards button

How many times can I claim the chest reward?

There is no limit to the number of times a viewer can claim rewards. However, if a viewer is abusing the system, viewers can be banned from collecting rewards from every channel on DLive.

Will I get a reward every time a creator opens the chest?

No, the allocation of rewards is based on chance. Higher engagement does increase your chances of receiving a reward. Rewards are not guaranteed. Users who are muted will not be eligible for any reward.
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